STEM Sisters
Mentoring Program

The STEM Sisters Mentoring Program provides International female student mentees with the opportunity to increase their understanding of the industry sector, strengthen their skills to be successful within any of STEM industries and extend their professional network.

Customised matches of mentors and mentees will be based on areas of interest and career goals. With the opportunity to gain some valuable experience and insight into how to overcome challenges and barriers that might be affecting young mentees. Mentors have the opportunity to give back to the industry, share their experience and support fantastic young engineers early in their careers.

WHY STEM Sisters Mentoring Program?

The STEM Sisters Mentoring programme will empower female international students  who faces challenges due to gender and racial discrimination in the STEM sector. According to Chief Scientist report 2020, overseas born women have a high unemployability rate (14.1%) in the Australian STEM sector compared to their male counterparts (5.6%) and Australian born women (3.1%). The main reason behind this inequality and discrimination is the cultural barrier that leads to a communication gap, the absence of leadership training, and lack of confidence. By providing the essential skills training, we will be able to address the international females’ immediate needs, which will help build their confidence and provide an insight into the Australian STEM workforce.

Requirements of the mentor and mentee.


  • A final year undergraduate or postgraduate internatinal student of STEM discipline, OR
  • A STEM qualified migrant (>5 year) seeking further career guidance.
  • A desire to explore career options or knowledge
    of practice.
  • A commitment to the mentoring process.
  • Preparedness to maintain confidentiality
    regarding discussions with mentor.


  • More than three years working in Australian STEM industry.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication
  • Access to a network of appropriate
    referrals and/or contacts.
  • A commitment to the mentoring process.
  • Preparedness to maintain confidentiality
    regarding discussions with mentee.

What are our mentees are saying

Following feedback was shared by our mentees about our inaugural mentoring program in 2020.

“Every aspect of the program was a great experience, the forthnightly sessions were exciting, and I learned a lot about the IT industry and got introduced to many successful people in IT who did not have IT background (like myself).”
“Coming into the sessions and meeting the other mentees has been such a highlight. I have formed some good friends from this program, and we have all shared this incredible experience. I am grateful to STEM Sisters and their commitment to support women of colour in STEM.”
"The best piece of advice that my mentor has shared with me is to ‘try everything’. This is in regard to me not turning down opportunities without giving them a try as you never know where they will lead you!"
"My mentor taught me a lot of valuable skills to help me with my career and life in general. I learned new things from her in every meeting, but the best advice was when she asked me to write down my achievements. At first I didn’t understand how it was going to be useful but with time I learned how to look at myself from a different perspective and that helped me have more confidence in myself.”

Our Mentoring Program is structured on the GROW Model - an action oriented mentoring framework

  • The mentees establishes the goals they would like to achieve during the program
  • The mentor supports the individual in achieving their goals
  • The mentee shares their current situation (overview of the issue, constraints, challenges) with a mentor
  • The mentor can ask probing questions to get more insight into the reality the individual is facing
  • Based on the goal and the reality, the mentee will brainstorm and explore options to resolve their issue
  • A mentor can provide advice and ask probing questions to promote critical reflection
  • The mentee works with the mentor to develop actions they will take to achieve their goals

Our Mentees are from the following University Partners

Our Mentors represent the following Industry Partners